Web Application for Local Business Advertiser

Web Application for Local Business Advertiser

AfterSchoolKid, a new client of ours, required a solution which would allow for parents and children alike to search for and discover clubs, classes, activities and more, for them to take part in.

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Web Application for Local Business Advertiser

Web App Design for AfterSchoolKid

Activities, events, clubs and classes all in one place - Keeping Life Simple

We knew this project would be a big one.

AfterSchoolKid came to us with quite a large requirement - to design and build a website which would firstly allow parents, and other parental guardians, to search and discover new ways of keeping their children active, entertained, and more, and secondly to allow owners of local classes, clubs, and children’s activity centres to use the website to advertise their services.

The website has been a huge success, and now has a number of business owners submitting their data and making themselves discoverable, via the in-depth, intuitive search functionality seen on the home page of the site.

To truly understand what AfterSchoolKid.com has to offer, you'll need to test it out for yourself.


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