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Business is certainly booming in Nottingham. More and more companies are attracted to the area due to the potential for growth, but these businesses cannot grow by merely being within the area. They need assistance from those who know how to grow companies though web application and business services. We at Hood Digital Ltd want to help you utilize these services to improve customer relations as well as the actual face of the company.

There was a time where local businesses were relatively easy to start up. The community would be so excited for the new business that they would support it. Therefore, the business owner had to do little more than a few small advertisements of sales to the public. Today is a lot different. People do not tend to support local businesses merely based on their availability. Businesses today need a little assistance from those who are experienced in technology based business solutions.

Web Applications

Understanding the business world is about understanding the technology of today. We have become true experts in helping businesses realize their potential through technology based mediums. More and more of our commerce is accomplished online and where Nottingham may still relatively small in comparison to the global network, the businesses still need to be able to compete globally if need be. Expansion is essential for a business of any size and an internet identity is key. The company’s website, social media reaches, and even blogs give the company the online identity that is required for overall success today.

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Software Solutions to Fit Your Needs

It can be quite an uphill battle these days to start up a new business or even increase business to an established business. New software is becoming available all the time forcing businesses to upgrade or get out of the way. We understand this because we have had to deal with the issue ourselves. Therefore, we offer our customers the chance to do business a smarter way without the high cost of upgrading software.

Software companies have come to realize that businesses are often crippled with an inability to upgrade software, so many have turned to software as a service or SAAS rather than the old standard. We want all of our customers to have the chance to grow their business so we offer software as a service on a subscription based format so you can say goodbye to overpriced upgrades.

Easy Accessibility

You time is money and disorganization can be costing your company countless revenue every day. We have the solution you have been waiting for. The key is not to write everything down on a piece of paper, but turn again to technology to help We can design your dashboard and user portals around your individual needs. No matter if you have just a handful of employees or a team of hundreds, we can come up with a solution that works for you and keeps every task and every bit of information right at your fingertips.

Content Management Systems

Content management is a key ingredient in the success of any company. You want the content that works best for your individual business rather than just random pieces put out in hopes that people will visit your site. Content management systems are available from us such as Umbraco, Craft CMS and WordPress, but if those solutions are not exactly what your business needs, we can offer bespoke CMS called HoodCMS. Our team will work with you to get you the content management system that you truly want without compromise.

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Database Solutions

The database that your company maintains will allow you to connect with customers and keep track of their orders so you can pinpoint what products may interest them. The storage and security of this database is key. We understand that the database that you maintain is very important. Therefore, we offer solutions to fit with your needs. Expert data solutions from those who know how to keep track of the information you need to grow.

Nottingham is an ever-growing area for every type of business. We are proud members of the business community and want to help each and every business put their best foot forward. Even if you have tried other business solution companies in the past, give us the chance to prove to you that we are superior to all others. Here at Hood Digital Ltd, we do not simply provide the same exact services to every business because every business has individual needs. Give us a call or visit our website today and let us show you how our business solutions can help your business grow to unbelievable heights.

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