How an Outdated Website Could be Killing Your Business

By on 12 May 2017 at 17:00

Large scale companies invest a great deal of their annual budget into their websites. The reason for this is not because they have the extra money, but the fact that the website is an essential part of the business. Website utilization however is not just for the big name companies. A quality designed website can benefit businesses of all sizes and not having an applicable website design may be the reason for any down periods your business may be facing. Hood Digital Ltd is here to help all businesses in Nottingham reach their full potential through their website design.


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Is it Eye-Catching?

The average person surfing the internet looking for services or products will stay on a website, on average thirty seconds. It may seem like that is not enough time to see all there is to see, but people tend to go with their first instincts rather than dig deeper into any website. That means that the home page and all pages within the site must be eye-catching enough to hold the person’s attention. An eye-catching website is not one that is full of wild colors intended to attract people.


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It is actually more about getting your point across to the customer. We at Hood Digital Ltd understand how to utilize specific website attributes to attract the buyers you need. We work with both start-up and small business websites all the way up to larger e-commerce and business solutions, so no business is too large or too small for our services.



Multi-Platform Friendly

All websites are not created equally. Many of the older websites are merely based upon stagnant pages that are only able to be used on computers. Should your company have one of these websites, it is likely not getting the web traffic that it once did. The reason behind this is that Google has made mobile based web design a must for all businesses. If your business does not embrace the potential for multiple platforms to be used, Google will simply place your website at the back of all others making it next to impossible to get the web traffic you require.

There are so many different platforms for websites to be viewed on these days that there is truly no excuse to simply maintain a stagnant site. Hood Digital Ltd can take your business to the ultimate level by allowing your website to be viewed on multiple platforms for maximum income potential. We offer websites for growing businesses that not only allow you to get the customers you need, but also work perfectly to achieve all of your goals through mobile, testing and usability. Give your business room to grow and become multi-platform friendly.


Boring Content

One of the largest killers of any website is not having attractive content. Potential customers are out there, but if your online content is a snooze to read, you will not be able to reach them. People realize within the first few sentences whether they intend on reading the entire article, so even if it is an interesting article, if people cannot get hooked within those first few vital pages, your content might as well not even exist.

The content management systems that we have at Hood Digital Ltd are among the best available. We work to improve your content to get more views to your website, therefore getting you much more revenue. Even if you have a set team with the singular goal of writing your content, we can help them manage and make the content reach a wider range of readers. Our staff is the best in the business and we want to help all businesses throughout Nottingham reach their maximum potential.


We Work for You 

There are a lot of website design services in Nottingham, but just because a company claims to be able to offer the service, does not mean that the company can improve your business. Hood Digital Ltd understands that there are different levels of needs within all companies. That is why we offer our website design services in two ways. The first way is the standard template based website design where there is little room for customizations. Many of our customers utilize this form of website design to ensure that the site is easy to manage. It is the quickest and the most inexpensive solution, but if what you desire is simply more, we have that too.

Pure customization is the key to some businesses and therefore we offer bespoke services. This solution will take longer, but you will have the exact sit you desire without a template and with complete customization. Businesses that can afford this solution, as it is higher end, are encouraged to do so. It enables you to not be conformed to many of the stipulations based on a template website. Hood Digital Ltd is here for you for all your website design needs, so contact us and let us help you today.


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