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We're like Robin, but fire off websites instead of arrows.

Based in the vibrant city of Nottingham, we’re a small and dedicated team of design and development specialists, committed to delivering the absolute best in website design, development, programming and software solutions.

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Based in the vibrant city of Nottingham, we’re a small and dedicated team of design and development specialists, committed to delivering the absolute best in website design, development, programming and software solutions.

The team at Hood have been working with the very latest in web design, development and content management techniques for over 10 years. From simple websites to complex multichannel ecommerce solutions and fully-integrated CMS systems; whatever your business needs, we can handle it.

But our clients don’t choose us because of our claims or our credentials. They choose us because we produce results.
We use all sorts!

We use Craft CMS for most projects, but we’re also happy to work with any off-the-shelf CMS, Wordpress, Umbraco, nopCommerce and more.

We specialise in .NET server side programming using languages such as C# ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core, work with PHP and Java where required, as well as JavaScript client side programming, including HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS.

Here at Hood we know the only way to stay at the top of our game and at the forefront of rapidly changing web technology is to create and collaborate with the wider community. For custom websites and applications, we use our latest in-house site base, HoodCMS, built using the very latest Microsoft open-source platform, ASP.NET Core. Check out our GitHub for more info.

Because open-source is at the heart of what we’re about, we welcome collaboration and input from the open-source community on everything we do. Tapping into the global repository of design and programming expertise means we can provide the very latest cutting-edge techniques and technology at the very best prices, and pass those directly onto you. Great service and great value.


The story begins back in 2005, when George Whysall started up a small music promotion company called MissionBift Promotions Ltd.

MissionBift produced graphics, flyers, posters and websites for musical acts from around the globe, including the popular ‘Blips & Beats’ themed nights at Nottingham’s famous Rescue Rooms, which hosted artists such as Canada’s Kid606, KnifeHandChop, and Ceephax Acid Crew (brother of global IDM superstar Squarepusher).


Having achieved success as MissionBift, George knew his design talents could be used for bigger things. So in 2008 MissionBift evolved into MB Web Graphics Ltd. His client roster expanded to take on business clients, and George began specialising in the design and development of cutting-edge websites, programming and digital marketing.


From 2010-2011 George re-attended Nottingham Trent University, where he completed a Masters Degree with Merit in Computer Science, writing his thesis on Artificial Intellegence and it's uses in computer games and online applications. After which he returned to work, with a new passion and a greater knowledge of his field.


In 2012, George, still flying solo, secured a working relationship with CDG Leisure in London. This was a key development in the life of MB Web Graphics. The CDG website that George designed was one of the very first interactive property listing and mapping sites.

Word soon got around other forward-thinking property agencies in London, and George quickly found himself in demand. Agencies including Third Sector Property (now TSP UK) in Camden, Charles Benjamin Associates in Great Portland Street, and more notably, Live-In Guardians, (currently blowing up a storm in the guardian security sector), all sought out his talents.


In 2014, it was time to take the business to its next stage. This meant new offices in College St, Nottingham and fresh talent in the form of Tom Burwood, Chief Operating Officer and just the man of action to help George build upon his success.


Two years later and by 2016 MB was fast becoming a serious player on the Nottingham digital scene. Time for a brand upgrade. MB Web Graphics became Hood Digital Ltd. New offices in the city’s trendy Lace Market area reflected their close ties to the city and its vibrant creativity.

In 2017, Hood Digital unleashed their brand new website, branding and design: A cutting-edge agency proud of their Nottingham location and heritage.
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George Whysall, M.Sc.

Founder & CEO

George, our founder, CEO and Lead Developer, is the father of all things Hood.

His commitment to our clients (and his own cardiovascular fitness) knows no bounds. He’s been known to cycle to work through rain, sleet, snow, tornado and hail storms just to make sure clients are happy.

Demonstrating a precocious talent for design, at school young George was often seen creating simple websites on school computers, and figuring out jazzy designs for the school newspaper.

As a teenager, music was George’s big love. He used his design skills to get a foot in the industry, producing flyers and designs for (and putting on) music nights in some of Nottingham’s best-loved venues.

His first real forays into public website design were music-related, too. George created his first website using a combination of flash/html and PHP in 2004/5, for his own music promotion label.

Looking to make his learning a bit more official, George picked up a BSc in Computer Science at Trent university, becoming well-versed in C++, low level programming, computer architecture, UNIX systems, UNIX programming, Visual Basic (VB) and learned how to build websites and online applications in PHP.

Then, after a few years of work, hankering for even more knowledge George went back to university to undertake his Masters Degree in Computer Science with a Games Technology focus. Developing for PlayStation and Xbox platforms, he learned all about real-time programming with new coding languages, architectures and workflows.

It was then he discovered his true calling as a C# .NET programmer.

His years of freelancing have also taught him the most valuable lesson of all: absolute client focus.

A born-and bred Nottingham lad, George lives and breathes his home city. He’s a fervent Forest supporter, and also obsesses over Notts CCC and the England cricket team. He can often be found knocking balls about at the local golf course or tennis courts, or cooking up a storm for his family and friends.

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Tom Burwood

Chief Operating Officer

Ser Thomas Burwood, Sheffield-born but Nottingham lad-at-heart (to be fair he moved here when he was only 1), is generally considered the ‘face’ of Hood Digital and is the guy you’re most likely to deal with.

Combining a lifelong love of creativity and design with a natural aptitude for practical knowledge, Tom has long been a man of technology and computers. As a boy, Tom’s most formative technological moment was when his Dad brought home a DOS-based, IBM desktop from his work. And he’s never looked back.

Tom’s career started in the high-flying corporate world of FTSE50 Nottingham-based company Experian, where he crunched numbers as a Data Analyst.

After 6 years gaining much-needed experience in SQL coding, database architecture and intense customer service training, Tom decided to leave the corporate world and seek new challenges.

Working under George at MBWG, and drawing upon his previous experience, he quickly became a self-taught expert within the world of web, graphics and digital design.

Now, as well as taking care of the communications side of things, Tom’s the main man for small website projects.

He looks after the lion’s share of any graphic design, and is quickly gaining notoriety for his formidable WordPress and CMS solution skills.

An earthy, vigorous young man with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, Tom can often be seen taking long, confident strides across challenging terrain with his trusty dog Pippin by his side.

When not scaling peaks and surfing down scree, Tom cycles and enjoys varied (limited) success in the burgeoning sport of Disc Golf. He also supports Manchester United. But we don’t talk about that.

Tom’s currently engaged to be married to his fiancée, soulmate and partner of 6 years Kristina. And he’s very excited about it.

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